Available Therapies

  • Acupuncture: Japanese meridian style and non-insertion Toyo Hari acupuncture

  • Auriculotherapy: ear microsystem, represents the entire body, treats physical pain, psycho-emotional states, and trauma spectrum disorders

  • Awakening Awareness mind/body guided visualizations

  • Cold Laser: low-level light energy treats a wide array of conditions, inflammation, tendinitis and arthritis

  • Facial Rejuvenation: muscle re-education using Microcurrent

  • Herbology (Chinese and European)

  • Iontophoresis: electrical transdermal delivery of anti-inflammatory medications that penetrate deeply into the tissue, a good alternative to injections for tendinitis, arthritis, etc.

  • Intravenous Infusions: Vitamin/Mineral/Glutathione/Traumeel, and more: tailored for stress, immunity, deficiencies, neurologic conditions etc.

  • Low-Dose Immunotherapy: utilizes biochemical messengers such as cytokines, hormones, growth factors and nucleic acids, to restore innate, balanced immune function

  • Microcurrent: muscle re-education

  • Myofascial and Meridian Trigger Point Injections: relieves acute and chronic muscle contractions

We’ll analyze and discuss your results, and form a plan of corrective action. Appointments are available by phone or in person. Costs vary with selected tests and insurance coverage. Fees are time based. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.



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